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Birdie specializes in 3 types of coaching, all centralized around guiding you to find your own way. Remember, Self Help is the Best Help. When you fix the relationship you have within, your future connections will be rewarding.
As you step into your new chapter, you can honestly say that YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

Mindset & Respire Coaching

In changing your mindset, you WILL change your life.
Respire means to breathe. Breathing properly not only helps calm the spirit, but also helps you release pain and move forward.

Book Coaching

For 20 years, Birdie has been teaching many people how to write their own books, on their own terms & in their own time. It doesn't take years. Birdie gives you all the tools needed to make it happen.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching is all about self-improvement. The best help is self help. You can change your life at any time you decide. Choose NOW to be the best you can be.







you Have more control over your happiness than you May realize!

(State of Happiness Statistics)

50% is determined by Genetics. 10% Is determined by your current or former circumstances. 40% is Actions, Reactions, how you feel about life, how you see and handle things. If you seem stuck in old patterns and you're starting to feel stuck, it may be time for some Shadow Work. See our BreatheByBirdie Course below for more details.

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Meet Birdie Chesson

Author Birdie

Author, Illustrator & Publisher

Over 20 books
Self-Help/Self-Love Specialties
Family communication tools Fiction and Non-Fiction  Children's Books
Course Curriculum, etc

Coach Birdie

Respire, Lifestyle & Book

With a career that spans over 20 years of experience, Birdie has helped people from all over the world through her words of encouragement & many offerings.

Speaker Birdie

Workshop Leader and Keynote

Birdie is a gifted speaker. personable and with loving intentions. her well received demeanor makes it easy for you to follow, inspiring and motivates many to action.

See What Birdie's Customers Are Saying?

Here are a few quotables from some of her success stories.

"I've had the pleasure of observing & working with Birdie on several occasions. She's eager to help & strives to bring out the best in everyone she works with."

Jackalyn Keys - CEO Keys Open Doors & Opportunities

"Birdie's ability to listen, assess & allow me to self-reflect has been helpful to my personal growth. Investment with priceless return!"

Alan Nazon - Entrepreneur

Course Curriculum ONLY

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Memberships are AVAILABLE with some courses.

2020-21 Coaching Prices

With 20 years of experience in coaching, we can help you find your gift, help you in your business and assist you into the life you want.  Coaching has: Homework, Q&A's, 'Hot Seat' Answers, emails, video/in person* coaching, Our Exclusive FB Group;
Customized plans available ALL using ONLY our own Course Curriculum.  

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Questions about Coaching?

Email me at Hello@BirdieChesson.com 

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