Ghostwriting Services

Birdie will write your book for you. There will also be a plan of action for marketing your book.

Limited Availability


Up to 50 people, Birdie will head your workshop! Subjects are: Book Writing, Shadow Work & Love & Relationships; and MORE!

Available for hire

Speaking Engagements

(51 people and up) For Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, 1/2 Day, Full Day, 2 Days, Retreats, Hosting & Moderating

Available for hire

1 on 1 Coaching

One on One Coaching is only available in our Sisterhood Membership and our Mixers and Masterminds Entrepreneur Group at this time.

Available ONLY in Memberships


Starting Prices*

Speaking Engagement (Full Day)

$7500.00* (plus expenses)


$2500.00* (Non-Refundable Deposit)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Your Deposits Non-Refundable?

When you pay the deposit, you get access to custom exclusive and copyrighted materials. Whether it's a Ghostwriting Plan, Branding Plan or Session Materials, it is exclusive content. When you pay your deposit and we send you the plan, it is a binding agreement of intent and presumes a degree of non-disclosure. Time is important to us and the Non-Refundable Deposit ensures that you are serious about our business together and we can schedule our time together.

Why is Your 1 on 1 Coaching only in your Memberships?

The women in my memberships deserve attention that I currently cannot give outside of the memberships at this time. If you need to have a session with Birdie, and/or need to request services, please book a one day workshop by clicking the "Workshops" button above.

What do I need to have a Workshop?

Workshops are for attendees of 1 to 50 people (no exceptions), so that attention can be given to all in attendance. Subjects are: Book Writing, Inner Shadow Work & Love & Relationships; and MORE! Click the Link for "Workshops" to learn more about Dates, Times, Deposits and Discounts

What Do I Need To Book Birdie For Speaking Engagements?

For Attendees of 51 people and up requires a booking for Speaking Engagements. For access to book Birdie for types of appearances, click the link for "Speaking Engagements".